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MetaStock format  History Downloader

             History Downloader
                      MetaStock end-of-day format

           MetaStock End of Day Downloader 
              for Bloomberg, RealTick and other
                   Feeds providing historical series

Save Money and Time on third party EoD data vendors :
with History Downloader you may create and keep updated  your MetaStock format Archives importing the High Quality Bloomberg Historical Series yet available without additional costs from your BBG workstations. 

The History Downloader b
uilds end-of-day MetaStock Archives downloading historical series from  Bloomberg Databases providing a large coverage of Symbols and Fields you may want to analyze.

Your own lists of Symbols to be downloaded and updated will be easily and quickly managed thru Excel foils.
We are available to implement the feeds and features you may need.

History2000 Downloader Overview
  Annual Fees including full support: from 700 to 1200 Euro/year

   For informations, demos, orders :
email  or  call +39 0385 277.521

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